Philips 65PUS8102 TV - what causes these spots/dots/circles on screen?

Hi! I have a Philips TV (65pus8102), with direct backlight and FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) with 128 zones.

The first 10 minutes after booting the TV the dots don't appear, but after a while when the tv is “warm”, the spots on the right side of the screen gradually appears. Especially when viewing something with a white og light background, or when theres a uniformity of a color (For example in the settings menu with dark grey background color). Also there is some flickering on the screen the first 3-5 minutes after booting it up, but I don't know if this can be related to this issue.

I've tried to adjust backlight, brightness, contrast ++ but it doesn't seem to solve the problem and it's still visible. After some research I've found out that it can be some faulty led array strip behind the lcd panel.

Can anyone relate to this problem? And most of all, how can I fix this? Is it pressure on this area that I can fix with suction cups on the panel?

I really want to keep this TV, and don't want to risk it being taken in on warranty as “non-fixable” if I'm sending it in to service.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Looks like the back of the screen is warped. Either the diffuser or the raster mat has puckered. Not fun to repair.

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