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Rilasciato nel Novembre 2013 da Sony Computer Entertainment, questo controller six-axis con batteria da 3.7 V agli ioni di litio non è complicato da riparare

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PS4 Controller is Dead and wont charge

I have an 20th anniversary PS4 controller that died. I was in the middle of using it and it just turned off and it will not charge or do anything. I have replaced the battery and the connection ribbon and that did not resolve the issue. I tried calling Sony and they will not fix it as it is out of warranty. I cannot simply replace this as a new one will cost $200+. Does anyone else have any other solutions?

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what have u already tried to do with it? most simple solutions are some where online and repeating every step would be a waste of time.


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A new standard PS4 controller would be $40-$60 here

A new 20th Anniversary edition is $96 on amazon here

You could swap a standard controller’s board into your 20th shell, but I do not know how different they might be

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Hi. This video is probably help for u.

Didn't you think to buy a used? Or a replica?

Answer me if this the video is helped you!

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