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My Lenovo A6600 plus phone won't charge and turn on

Before it became totally dead, I used my cellphone even though it’s low battery and charging(I used it because I had important things to do with it especially in school). So this December I experienced when I charged it and saw it full, it became low batt when I used it in only a minute or an hour. Before I slept it was so lowbatt because I used it for our dance in our Christmas Partya and of course I charged it. But when I woke up, I checked it if it was full and I felt nervous because my phone won’t turn on or charge. It was important for me because it was a gift from my father. What should I do with it? Can you give an advice.I hope you can help me. Thank you.

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Does it still charge? If it does, it might be an issue with the battery. If it doesn't, use a wooden toothpick to carefully clean out the charging port and check again. Might fix the issue.

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