What USB Miroscope to buy

Lately I’m doing some repair stuff on newer hardware and would like to use a USB Microscope for that because it is %#*@ small stuff today. Wile soldering on a C64 is easily, but those small components today makes it a lot more difficult.

So i bought a cheap USB Microscope on the internet, but i am not satisfied whit it. First of all it does not autofocus. Secondly it was announced as 2 MegaPixel, while taking picture. They didn’t tell it only does 0.3 mp while streaming video.

I scruwed a 24” monitor to my wall to display the video. It has a native resolution of 1920x1080 so i would like a cam whit at least 2mp streaming. There are a lots of Webcams for under 20 bugs who Autofocus and do FullHD capturing. But why not as a Microscope? The most i found (even the expensive ones) only doe 640x480 (0.3MP that is) and almost non has autofocus.

So does someone knows a good brand and/or type of Camera who can doe this.

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