Ghosting , pink horizontal pixel lines, etc with a PC monitor.

Hello, please take a look and help me answer two questions:

  • should I try wasting money on a new power adapter?
  • do the voltage / amperage outputs have to be exact matches to the original, or could there be some differences (e.g. 19.5v v.s. the original 19v) without causing risk of (further) damage to the monitor? And if there can be some differences, then how much?



  • Description: the whole screen fading out and back in once every 3 seconds or so (see the videos); Frequency: once; Duration: 30-60 minutes, had disappeared by the time I took it to a service workshop the next day and they turned it on; Notes: this has happened only once, the very first time the problem has shown itself, which was 2 years ago (Feb 2016).
  • Description: "ghosting" problems (e.g. stationary desktop icons, videogame UI elements, etc), more prominent on the left side of the screen, and gradually decreasing towards the right side / edge; Frequency: always; Duration: the ghosting is not permanent, and seems to disappear if I turn the monitor off for several hours; Possible cause: seems to depend on the monitor’s "uptime".
  • Description: every other 1-pixel-high horizontal line (sort of like interlacing) has a coloration corruption that makes pure white pixels display as pink instead. This effect is the strongest on the left edge of the screen, and gradually fades off towards the right edge; Frequency: always.
  • Description: pink coloration throughout the entire height of the screen, more prominent on the left side of the screen, and gradually decreasing towards the right side / edge; Frequency: 2-4 times during 2 years, has disappeared once I turned the monitor off for several hours and/or relocated it to plug in from somewhere else; Possible cause: when the uptime for the entire screen becomes "too much".
  • Description: horizontal, one-pixel high lines of different colours chaotically appearing and disappearing throughout the entire hight of the screen; Frequency: 2-4 times during 2 years; Duration: 5-60 minutes, has disappeared after I turned the monitor off for several hours and/or relocated it to be plugged it from somewhere else; Possible causes: when the monitor’s uptime was too long and/or the entire area of the screen has been used for too long and for too bright colours.


Additional comments / things that I’m not sure I’m judging / observing correctly:

  • When these problems first showed themselves two years ago I took the monitor to a technician’s office, but the problem refused to show itself when the monitor was turned on in their place. I’ve left it in their office for several days afterwards, and nothing showed up during this period either.
  • The intensity of the ghosting problem seems to be directly proportional to the amount of time the monitor has been active without rest. Pulling off the power cable from power supply seems to make the monitor’s recovery from the ghosting faster, in comparison to just turning of the monitor itself.
  • Buying a power stabilisier has seemingly helped in the past. However, several month later the monitor showed even worse symptoms, and the symptoms went away after I disattached it from that stabiliser. Could’ve been not correlated at all.
  • The power adapter is from lukewarm to warm to touch, seemingly becoming much warmer when the monitor has been turned on and actively used for long periods of time (12-36h nonstop). I usually try to turn the monitor off when being AFK to give it time to "rest".


Possible causes(?):

  • faulty power adaptor
  • power spikes in my electrical grid — I’m not sure why the power stabilisier wouldn’t help, if that was the case
  • EMR interference perhaps?


Background information:

  • monitor model: LG 23EA63
  • there are no magnets near the monitor. there’s a printer on the same to its left (20cm away), and a metallic teapot usually placed to its right (20-30cm).
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