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Wireless controller for the Xbox 360

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I BADLY NEED HELP - Wireless controller not connecting after Update

I Need HELP Please. This is Quite complicated so I’ll try to be as specific as I can.

The unit: XBOX 360 E 2015

The Problem: Wireless controller Not responding with the console BUT it can Turn On the Console using the guide Button. - So basically if Im in the home page or dash board it does not do anything anymoe.

  • It was working fine before an automatic system update was made with my console when I plug it in the net.
  • Even after the update I was able to use it for few hours then this happens.

Previous Issue before this.

  • Before I can not even connect it before, the controller is not powering on because of the coroded battery compartment, that has been fixed and was able to use it for few hours before the update and gives me this headache.
  • I must also add, I have tried to Fix the POWER issue of the controller on my own by Tapping a USB wire to the Battery spring in the controller and then plugging it in the console to have a power supply and it works. - After that I was able to update the console and then now its not responding
  • (AGAIN - The Controller CAN power ON the Console but thats all that it do )

Troubleshooting that was done.

  • I have tried to put in Fresh Batteries.
  • Tried the Resync SO MANY TIMES
  • Used another Wireless controller of someone else but still the same.
  • I put a cord on the WIRELESS controller to have it as a wired Controller but still did not work.
  • If I will use an ACTUAL WIRED controller it is working.
  • The wireless Controller I have are both Working on a different Console.
  • I have Reformat the console.
  • I have reinstall the update.
  • I have Tried to do a Factory Setting But its not resetting it.
  • Tried to turn off All electronic device in the house and resync nothing happens.

Not sure if there is anything else I have missed to do for troubleshooting.

Seems to me that the Wireless controller is ok but the console ONLY Recognize the Controller in Powering on the unit and nothing else

So far the only thing I can do is use a wired Controller.

PLEASE I NEED e at if not here THANK YOU SO MUch in advance whoever can fix it

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I have also tried to put it on a different TV still the same.


Anyone has the same issue?


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Try this link.

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I already tried this but still did not work.


It may be unrelated to the console then.


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