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Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The 15-p is more difficult to service then later 15-x models.

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Certain Keys On Keyboard Are Unresponsive

My HP Pavilion 15-e013TX’s built-in keyboard has some keys unresponsive (A,S,D,F,J,K & L to be specific) I tried most of the things on but the problem still prosper.

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Most of these are because the keyboard has failed or the connector is loose. It may work again if you reconnect the keyboard internally, but it’s generally due to a matrix failure.

In your case, you picked the wrong system :-). The 15-e has a modular keyboard, which isn’t the case on the 15-p series. Refer to the Service manual to replace the keyboard and get the part number that matches the country you are in. The US part numbers are 719853-001 or 720597-001.

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You will have to change all the Keyboard

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