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Model A1137 / 1, 2, or 4 GB capacity / black or white plastic front

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My iPod won't turn on or sync PC, turn on with power adapter


sorry for my English

my iPod nano 1gen has a dead battery and it turns on when plugged with power adapter but it doesn’t turn on or sync when plugged with a PC, it shows only the screen of low battery.

If it was possible, I would use it without substitute the battery, but I would be able to sync in order to change the music I have in.

I tried with a cable like this but even if I could turn it on, it isn’t recognized by my PC…

What can I do?

I have another question, does this iPod compatible with Audible (.aa or .aax) audiobooks with DRM?


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I don’t understand how use are using that cable on your mini as it doesn’t have a USB 2 port. Please look at this and tell us if you have the correct cable to either charge or connect to a computer

Also why haven’t you changed the battery out? I understand that it is very difficult repair. Here’s how to do it:

iPod Nano 1st Generation Battery Replacement

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Thank you for your answer,

I have a normal charging cable (30 pin to usb), and I connect the 30 pin to the iPod and the USB port to the female of that cable, then I connect two male usb to PC in order to give the iPod more power. I did this because I thought that if I can turn it on with USB power adapter and I cannot turn it on with PC is because a USB of PC can't supply enough power. Then I use that cable which normal use is for external hard drive that needs external power supply. But I can't sync even if it is switched on.

I haven't changed the battery yet because if I could sync without substitute it, it would be ok for me to use the iPod only connected to AC. Otherwise I would be sure that it can read read Audible .aax audiobooks before substitute it.



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