Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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"Searching" even with no SIM inserted.

Customer Said: “Was run over by a car”.

Screen was completely smashed, but still in-tact. New screen installed and booted fine - needed a new battery since it was punctured by some glass.

The phone would always be “Searching…” in the top left even with no SIM installed. The “Mobile” page in the settings would be completely blank.

I narrowed the cause down to the Wifi flex cable that is located directly left of the cameras. Once unplugged, the phone seemed to resume to normal - just without the “Hotspot” section in settings.

I had ordered and replaced the flex with a new one and the issue returned.

Any advice as to the root cause of this issue?

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Hello. This can be a baseband ic issue I believe. The problem would be it requires soldering skills,and a heat gun. It could be a software issue,but I DOUBT it. If the baseband ic is loose,it can cause this soft of issue. If the phone is dropped very hard….or RUN OVER BY A CAR!!!!!….it could loosen this chip.

if you can’t do this repair,I recommend suggesting to the customer to contact irehab. It is owned by Jessa Jones. She is very good at repairing iPhones. This is her specialty. She is very nice,makes helpful YouTube videos,and is well known amongst ifixit and the soldering communities. She is the best iPhone repairs lady I can think of. The generally can repair the phones.

I cant even guarantee it is the baseband. It could be something else. Jessa would be able to pinpoint the problem and replace the part.

If you need anything else,let me know. Again,Jessa Jones is the way to go for your customer.

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Thanks for the answer Skye. I do watch both Jessa and Louis regularly. I don't have all the equipment required for board repair at the moment - although I am close to being able to afford some of the more expensive pieces. I don't think my customer will be looking to ship the phone overseas for this.

As it is - without the flex installed - it appears to function normally (I suspect with slower wifi speeds). Thanks Again.


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Does a IMEI number display when you dial *#06# in dialer and do you see modem firmware and IMEI displayed not blank in settings > general > about phone?

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