Fridge and freezer cold enough but compressor is still running


I have a GE profile fridge. The temperature readings on it are showing to be 0 on the freezer and 37 on the fridge. Which are the values I have them set on.

however, it seems the fridge is always running. I have increased the fridge to 42 and it will still run. I increased the freezer to 4 and it will shut off. When I close the door, I can here the damper fan running in the fridge.

The other thing I have noticed is the evaporator fan does not run when the compressor is running. Is that normal? I have seen it run before, when I Dethaw the fridge/freezer. I know the fan works. The coils are a a bit iced over but not a solid ice block.(

Any ideas?

thank you,


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Hi @stephkre ,

What is the model number of the fridge?


The model of the fridge is Pss26sgress.


Hi @stephkre ,

You're not getting the fans mixed up are you?

There are only two fans in your refrigerator

An evaporator fan in the freezer compartment, behind a panel. The fan stops when the set temperature has been reached in both the freezer and the refrigerator or when a door has been opened or during the auto defrost period.

It starts again when the doors are shut or if the set temperature has to be reached again or after the auto defrost period has ended.

The evaporator fan is usually running as long as the compressor is running.

The other fan is the condenser fan which is outside the fridge cabinet at the back and is used to help dissipate the heat from the condenser coils.

The condenser fan may not be running all the time when the compressor is running. It depends on the temperatures around the condenser coils and the compressor.

If the compressor continues to run when the set temp has been reached in both compartments there may be a problem with the sensors in each compartment which would be unusual to have both faulty but one may be and that is why the compressor is still running. The control board may be getting false information from a sensor.


Hey @jayeff,

I wasn't sure if there was a damper fan in the fridge section. I am aware of the evaporator and condenser fan. I had to originally change out the condenser fan as it was dead.

The condenser fan seems to work fine now as it turns on when the condenser does and shuts off as well when the condenser does.

The evaporator fan as I mentioned doesn't turn on very often, only when I manually defrost the system. I am not entirely sure if that fan is operating as expected as I assume the fan runs whenever the condenser runs. I can push the button on the freezer door to emulate the door closed and the fan is not spinning. However, if I do the same thing to the fridge side, I hear a noise at the top of the fridge that sounds like a fan . That runs until I turn the degrees on the freezer up to 4 degrees. This is why I assumed there is a fan for the damper by the control settings.




Hi @stephkre ,

I wonder if the fridge door switch is intermittent and when you push it manually you're making it operate more than the door does when closed. Try the freezer door switch with the fridge door open and the fridge door switch manually held closed and see if the evaporator fan turns on/off

Search online for "Pss26sgress parts" and you'll get parts websites that show a layout of the parts so you can see where the fans are. There are only 2 that I can see. and as shown when you search for "fan parts"

The evaporator fan should run when the compressor is running so as to distribute the cold air from the evaporator (see provisos above when it should stop)


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