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What could these noises indicate is wrong with my dryer?

Hey all. Last night, I tore apart my dryer because it was making a scraping noise. I found some loose pennies in the blower assembly and visually checked everything else to see if there was any wear. I didn’t notice anything, so I put it back together and was greeted with this noise.

I couldn’t tell what it was coming from, so I decided to leave it be and hope for the best.

Tonight, I started the dryer up again and after 20 minutes or so it started making this noise.

I’ve never really troubleshooted a dryer before, much less torn one apart, so I’m not sure what to look for.

Any thoughts? Dryer is a Samsung Model DV337AEW/XAA


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It sounds like there could be some change that snuck into one of the baffles inside the drum? If it was a mechanical issue with rollers/pulley, it’d be consistent on every turn. They’re not very easy to disassemble in these. But you can tell either way by turning the drum by hand very slowly. Good luck!

Update (11/26/2018)

On second thought for disassembly - you may be able to get to the screws on these from the outside of the drum with the top off. Some of the screws may be hidden under some of the black mastic pads there. Worth a look though if that’s what it is.

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