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HO 110-243w no boot device found

I have a HP 110-243w desktop I was using it earlier the other day, I shut it down, and came back a few hours later, to find it said it could not find a boot device. I ran the checks on the HDD and everyhthing says its fine. I pulled the hard drive out of the tower and connected it to my laptop via SATA to USB converter all files are still reading on the HDD Everything seems to be in place. When I put it back in the desktop still it can not find a boot device. I can boot from a DVD ISO and do a clean install. I do not want to loose everything that came with the computer when it was bought. Any ideas on what may be going on here.

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possibly an issue with the MBR and your drive being not recognized as having a valid OS installed. Back your HDD up before doing anything with it otherwise you could lose your files. Check the BIOS on your computer and see if it still recognizes the HDD. Set the BIOS to boot from USB and/or optical drive and use something like a LINUX live CD to see if your computer starts normal etc. If so the it is your HDD. After you back all of your files up, do a fresh install of your OS and se if it works then.

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Some how the drive letters on the drive was changed. Drive C which was the boot drive was not the recovery drive. Drive that was the recovery drive was not drive C. There was nothing on the HDD that needed saved So I did format the drive and reinstall Windows. Everything is working fine now.


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