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The fourth-generation Surface Pro tablet, released October 26th, 2015.

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Is there any possibility that a Surface 4 has Surface 5 LCD?

I have Surface Pro 4 (This is the gift I have received) I dropped it and broke the LCD.

I bought an LCD, for Surface Pro 4, to repair it, from eBay. I removed the broken LCD, but the new one did not match the original cable.

I searched for letters written on genuine LCD, the letters is LP123WQ1. When I searched I got it was for Surface Pro 5, 1796.

I don’t understand, because mine is written 1724, behind the back.

What should I do?

Why is there another version of LCD on my Surface Pro 4?

Can I fix it with LCD, bought eBay?

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Can you post a set of pics one of your Surface Pro 4 an the Surface Pro 5 cable connections so we can see the differences.


I may have a similar problem! I have a surface pro 4 that was ordered on amazon. I have ordered a new lcd and digitizer and all matches but the cable connectors :( I have pictures but am not sure how to post them here.


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Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Here are the pictures of the differences on my old surface pro 4 and the new lcd that was ordered for the surface pro 4

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hi sorry its late but there are 2 version of lcd’s on the pro 4. one is made by lg and has a fatter cable that resembles a pro 5 lcd flex and the other which is more common has the standard looking pro 4 lcd flex.

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Might be a little late to the party, but yes this is a very real possibility. My Surface Pro 4 screen cracked and I ordered a replacement on Amazon. The screen I got had a fault so the seller send me a Pro 5 screen with an adapter cable. So yes, my surface Pro 4 has a Pro 5 screen with the corresponding adapter cable

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