2006 Pontiac Putsuit (G4)

My pontiac pursuit (G4) 2006 has been having issues with the Traction Control light and ABS light, as well as my Power Steering message popping up.

It has been to five different shops including certified gm dealership. They were all useless and hopeless.

This was a used car bought from a private dealership. The problem started several months after buying it. Sometimes the lights will come on as soon as I start it or while i’m driving on the highway and my worst fear is at stop signs and red lights.

Both lights will randomly come on (Traction control and ABS) , If I see them come on, I immediately have to pull over and restart the car to avoid the awful jerking that comes with it and my sponamitor goes all crazy on me. Once I restart it, the problem goes away for a hour or sometimes only five minutes.

The car has a Brand new battery , air flow sensor , spark plugs , oil change , gas filter , transmission fluid , new gas lines.

This problem is driving me nuts and and it seems like nothing is working. I have been told to change the wheel speed sensor but it will not take the Traction control off.

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