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Not charging or starting iPhone 6Plus (water damage)

Hello Folks,

I have an iphone 6s, while washing my hands once by acident the phone fell under the water stream and got wet.

i took it out almost instantly but it did get wet, it worked for some time, maybe 20-30 minutes and then it turned off, i tried the Rice thing :), after a whole night in the rice bag, i took it out and tried to charge it with no results

question is, can i repair this? if its a battery issue or something else

is it worth the repair now after all this time?

should i try with the apple shop repair?


Update (11/09/2018)

I just for the sake of testing took the phone out and this is what i found, it turns on but there are some lins that light up stronger with time but thats it, see the photos

Block Image

Block Image

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Hey Admir,

I had a similar Issue, first thing to do dont turn the phone on and rice bag dosent do anything sadly. Best one ive heard on here is “rice is good to eat but not for phones” :D Take your phone apart and clean any water you find, then follow this guide iPhone Liquid Damage Repair Also order a new battery and a new screen, you may not need them but the last one i did that was water damaged both the screen and the battery went to replaced them and cleaned the board and wola working phone :D hope this helps.

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Oh man, there is something else i should mention, this happened 3 months ago and since then the phone was just staying in the drawer, i was just now going a bit through the forum and i saw some1 mentioned rust, how much of chances do i have now after all this time? what do you think? worth it ?

Thanks for the quick reply


no harm in trying or you need a friend whos got a 6 laying about and you can test parts that way :)


replace the LCD and clean the connections :) that will get you closer :)


Thanks, i will order now the set from ifixit


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