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ASUS 15.6" F550 Laptop. Similar model numbers F550C, F550CA, F550CC, F550E, F550EA, F550L, F550LA, F550LB, F550LC, F550V, F550VB, and F550VC.

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Why is asus f402b getting soundless and I have to reinstall drivers

Every second or third use of sound files my laptop gets “soundless” and the option I have found is reinstall drivers and restart. Any better solution?


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What is the status of the sound controller in Device Manager when you lose audio?

What OS is installed in your laptop?

Does it only occur when using one particular program that requires audio function, e.g. web browser when watching You Tube or a music program etc?


Hi: sorry for slow response.

I get this message from window media player: problem with your sound device. There might not be a sound device installed on your computer, it might be in use by another program, or it might not be functioning properly

I got window 10

It happens with youtube and even trying to play music through any program


Hi jayeff: thanks for your time. I´ve checked the status and properties and seems ok, updated drivers again.


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OK, but did you check the status of the sound controller in Device Manager when this occurs?

To get to Device Manager in Win 10 from the desktop right click on the Windows Start button, left side of Taskbar, select Device Manager link from the drop down box. When Device Manager opens, scroll down to Sound, video and game controllers, click on the + symbol to expand the list and see if there is a red cross or a yellow exclamation mark against the sound controller entry. In your laptop it is a Conexant controller I think. Right click on the entry, click on Properties and then view the info in the Device status box in the General Tab.

If there is a yellow cross next to the sound controller entry, try installing the latest Asus Win 10 audio drivers from this link. Ensure that you install the ones appropriate to your audio controller. Also take heed of the Notes: regarding driver installation found near the top of the webpage in the link provided.

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