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Clothes dryer repair and support guides.

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My dryer is not drying, all lint cleaned out

My LG dryer works beautifully. It Spins quietly, cleaned the lint in all the areas mentioned on previous posts but the clothes are still damp.

The wet clothes are warm to the touch but the air flow in the back ( air shooting out of the house is Luke warm) .

when I open the dryer it smells humid but there is no water condensation on the drum.

Ive tried everything why won’t they dry???

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What is the model number of the dryer?


Did the dryer work previously or is it new?

Is it gas or electric?

How long have you had it?


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You may have removed the lint from the door filter but if there is a heavy lint concentration on the walls of air ducts (which inevitably happens after long times of usage) free air flow is hindered. If this is the case you need to remove appropriate machine covers, so you can reach deep into the air ducts and vacuum lint.

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If it is a gas unit his pilot light might be out too.


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