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The Capresso Infinity Model #565 is a conical burr grinder that is used to grind coffee beans varying across sixteen settings from Turkish fine to coarse.

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Why isn’t my coffee grinding?

I plugged the machine in, and put my coffee beans in the top container, but for some reason it’s not working. My dial is turning and I have the black dot on the top container lined up with the coarseness I want. What else should I do?

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student question


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Hi! So there might be multiple reasons that this is happening.

Check for the following:

Your top conical burr has been placed in the device correctly. You should have it flat side down.

There is no compacted coffee grounds in the grinding chamber. Sometimes excess grinds can get stuck in the conical burrs or in the crevices of the grinding chamber. If you find this to be the problem, gently clean it out with a brush or paper towel.

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I have the same problem. It worked fine before I removed the top burr and cleaned it. I replaced it correctly but now the grinder doesn;t grind,. The grounds container is correctly placed, burrs correctly placed, no grinding happening, Do I need to replace the motor? Got any trouble shooting advice?


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