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Released September 16, 2016. Models A1661, A1784, and A1785. Available in 32, 128, or 256 GB configurations in Rose gold, gold, silver, black, jet black, and (Product)Red.

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Strange things happening after screen replacement

I have replaced the screen on an iPhone7 Plus. Everything worked before. Now it has a long boot time and the volume controls, vibrator, sound, microphone, speaker front facing camera, home button all do not work, but the slide button for mute does work. I have tried it changed it back to the old screen and still does not work. Switched back to the new screen and of course does not work. I decided to unplug the top flex cable that has the camera prox sensor and ear speaker on it, now it the volume controls, sound and voice works. This is a new flex cable for the camera and prox sensor. Also the boot time is normal. If I plug it back in then everything goes back to not working again. Any ideas on this?

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Why the duplicate question?


@minho after I posted this I realized I should have just updated the old post. It was a long day. But with what you said in the last post, I think this changes the out look on what is going on. Do you have any other ideas?


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If things work without the FCAM flex and they don't when plugged in it sounds like a bad FCAM flex.

FWIW…my username is @refectio, not @minho

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I will be looking into having the Flax cable exchanged out then.


@refectio I purchased a new screen that came with the flex cable installed. Again Still having the same problem. One thing did change, now the home button is working.


I would never trust a flex that is pre-installed in a screen, they tend to put lower quality flexes. Did anything work from the flex (FCAM, ALS, Prox, Speaker) or is nothing working?


When I plug in the flex cable it has a long load time and nothing works, not even the home button. This is now the 2nd screen and 2nd flex cable. Other than the flex cable on this one was preinstalled.


While I don't trust pre-installed flexes, the fact that you have two with the exact same problem tends to point to a logic board issue. I would carefully inspect the FCAM connector on the logic board and it's surrounding area for any signs of damage. At this point, the board needs to be probed to get a better understanding.


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Whoever replaced your screen:

  1. Wasnt wearing the proper equipment (static band so that the delicate electronics wont be destroyed)
  2. Replaced it incorrectly so that some components are failing.
  3. Unfortunately at this point there is nothing that can be done. Over time more and more of the device will deteriorate and stop working. You need to 1. get a new phone. 2. Write a bad review for whoever replaced it. 3. Complain to whoever fixed your screen, they are unproffesional and not good at their job.

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