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Mounting unrecognized devices(Photo&Video camera)?!

Hello everyone!

When comes to mounting unrecognized devices(USB, External HD), there are lots of talking around web and I realized the easiest way to mount unrecognized device is by going into Disk Utility(it recognizes everything connected) and reformating the device and after that the OSx recognizes it and it mounts properly and is ready to use.

Now…I have Sony DCM photo camera which isn’t recognized by my Mac. What do you think will the above mentioned technique be good or I could mess up something on my photo camera. I beleive that inside the camera it is just flash drive or isn’t it? Maybe there is some software that photo camera uses to operate? What do you think?

And I have a question for Sony Video camera which is not recognized by my Mac. Is there a solution how to connect it and get it recognized since there is no flash drive to reformat? I looked for drivers but there are none and camera is about 10-12 yo but still works properly with decent results. It used to be recognized by Win PC.

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If you are connecting your Sony camera directly to the USB port you’ll need a device driver so its seen within the OS. I would locate the CD that came with your camera (or online at Sony’s web site) to locate the needed driver for your OS.

With an older device you may hit a road block as the software it had may not be compatible with the newer OS’s

As far as using Disk Utility it could alter the format of your internal drive so the video camera won’t work.

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Thats what I was afraid of that it will alter the internal drive. Regarding Sony camera I guess I hit the Road Block even though there should be a solution since it worked on Win PC.


Did you try contacting Sony to see if they have an answer?


I didn't but I will do so!


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