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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy tablet with a 7-in. screen announced on June 24, 2013. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools. The device is available in white or gold brown with 8, 16, or 32 GB of storage, and includes a microSD slot that can hold up to an additional 64 GB of memory.

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Touch screen / digitizer not working.

Hello. I have a Samsung SMT-217A. The touch screen stopped working. It has not been dropped and there is no visible damage to the display.

I removed the back cover and re-seated the touchscreen connector. After doing this several times, I found that the touch screen will occasionally work for about 5 seconds after being reconnected, and then stop working.

I bought a replacement touch screen glass. I did not remove the original glass, but tested the replacement part. The replacement touch screen exhibits the same problem. Does not work, but will occasionally work for 5 seconds after being plugged in.

I am able to use the tablet with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse, but I would like to get the touch screen working.

I have tried full power reset. I have also tried power+volume button reset. This does not work. I inspected the touchscreen connector with a high power magnifier, and it looks good.

I am out of ideas. Does anyone know how to get the touch screen working again?


Update (10/05/2018)

I am posting an update for anyone that might be interested to hear the outcome.

I used the tablet a few times a week with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse. The touch screen would not work at all, but sometimes I could get it to work for 5 seconds after unplugging and plugging the touch screen connector. This condition continued since I first posted, about 2 months.

Then, just 2 days ago, the touch screen started working again. The touch screen now works just as it should. I have absolutely no idea why it started working again, but it did. This is totally mystifing to me. I can’t explain why it stopped working and then why it started working.

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Hi @techjazz ,

Try cleaning the wire contacts on the touch screen cable’s motherboard end with Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ and a Q-Tip - disconnect the battery from the motherboard first.

Allow to dry, reconnect the cable and then reassemble the tablet. Don't forget the battery connector ;-)

Try not to touch the cable end with your fingers to prevent any oils etc from coating the contacts when going to reconnect it to the motherboard.

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