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The Italian manufacturer Saeco manufactures manual, super-automatic and capsule espresso machines.

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Saeco intelia no power


my coffee machine is saeco HD8758.

It’s no power this morning suddenly.

what should I do?

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Hi @sseunsoju ,

Have you checked that the power outlet is working OK by trying another appliance in it and seeing if it turns on OK, e.g. a hair dryer perhaps or checking that the power cord is connected properly to the machine?


Yes outlet is ok.


Everything is ok, but no power. ㅡㅡ^


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I disassembled it and got it why no power.

Wet coffee grounds is on the motherboard, so the fuse was broken.

I ordered the fuse from china, and waiting now.

I never buy anything from this company.

How are wet coffee grounds on the motherboard?

Its terrible!!!!!!

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Could you fix it with the fuse? which fuse did you order?


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