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Repair guides for the Saitek X52 Pro HOTAS (hands-on throttle and stick) game controller. The controller was released by Saitek.

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Jaw suddenly very loose on stick

Hi. the jaw on the stick suddenly became loose, resulting in my ship sliding sideways and bad aiming (elite). I tried dissassembling the stick as described here to see if I could spot the problem, but no luck :-(

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There seemed to be no disassemble description as you stated.


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I know this is all pretty old by now but i encountered the same issue today. When i looked inside i found a broken Spring near the Potentiometer. ( You have to lift the Potentiometer out of the Stick to see that)

Since i doubt you can get a new Spring, You either have to live with it or by a new one sadly. So to anyone that’s having the same Problem:

I feel your Pain :/

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