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LG OLED TV vertical line

Hi. My OLED LG TV just recently started flashing a green vertical line on the screen. I suspected water damage because I cleaned the TV screen 2 days ago with windex. I opened the back and reseated the ribbon cables from the tcon board and placed a heater on it. Now the green line is gone and there are black spots left in it's wake. They function normal on certain colors but are black on mainly light blue and green.

Do you have any suggestions? The OLED panel is glued into place, so if anyone knows how to remove the OLED screen panel would also be good

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Given the change in behavior after the re-seat, I would still suspect the ribbon cable or connectors. Try cleaning hte connectors with alcohol. just flood the connector a bit and let it dry. Wipe off the ends of the cables as well with alcohol. Re-attach the cables and try again. This MAY resolve the problem. It sounds like a connection issue at the moment and not a problem with either the T-con or panel. If the cleaning does not resolve the problem, I would start by replacing the cables. This is the cheapest option with which to start.


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I set my space heater directly on the board that the t con connects to for 3 hours and now the problem is resolved. thanks


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Yes, early TVs had this fault. It seems that the problem is actually inside the panel but in the process of working on a laser based repair/reflow technique from the back or side. 1.8W blue light seems to be the key from what I can find, the microscopic solder joints made from (IIRC) an indium tin eutectic have a tendency to come apart even with moderate heat. Same fault as on some early graphics chips.

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