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The TI-84 Plus CE is a graphing calculator released in Spring 2015 by Texas Instruments. It includes a 2.8 inch color screen, USB port, apps, storage, and a 1200 mAh battery.

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Why is there a white line on the screen? How to fix

I dropped it.. and now there is a white/grey line on the screen. The pixels aren’t dead(not black) but they dont change color and do not fit in with the white pixels.

Is there an easy way to fix it? Or do i need to use the warrenty

p.s i tried to reset it and took the battery out. But the line is still there.

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If it’s still under warranty then that’s got to be your first option to try, though accidental damage may void it.

If you can post a photo then this will help us to see the problem more clearly. Is it a single line of pixels (a row or a column) that are giving trouble?

Unless the display controller is integrated with the display, the display will be connected to the main board either with a ribbon connector or a “zebra” connector. Reseating this might just cure the problem, but if not then I’m afraid there may not be much you can do. Take a look at and Riconoscimento e scollegamento dei connettori dei cavi

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It sounds like the display cable has come loose. You can try to take the calculator apart and finagle it until the screen goes back to normal. However I don’t know if that’ll do you any good, you could’ve also damaged the LCD somehow. You may be able to get a cheap, broken one and replace the broken parts with the good ones.

Are you sure they wont change at all? No color either? You can test that out by pressing [mode]>[alpha]>[S] then press [enter] until you get to the diagnostics section. Press [1] to perform the LCD color test.

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