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Why is my iPhone Vibration and Audio not work and iOS freezes?

iPhone 6S 64 GB iOS 11.4.1

Hi everyone,

My iPhone 6S recently started having some issues such as the Vibration and Speaker not working properly. Another thing is whenever audio is attempting to be played, only “noise” comes out of the speaker very quietly. For example, if I lock the iPhone, there should be an Audio sound of the Lock button. However, there is only noise.

Another big issue is whenever I switch between Ringer/Silent, the iPhone hiccups/lags. I believe the iOS is attempting to switch between the two modes and thus slows down the iPhone.

Another example is playing YouTube. I would open the app, press on a video, then the phone proceeds to freeze. This doesn’t only apply to YouTube. Any application that may attempt to play some sort of audio will freeze/lag/hiccup my iPhone.

The ONLY solution I’ve found to work is to plug in some speakers/earphones into the Audio Jack and the phone unfreezes and audio is being outputted into the speaker/earphone.

I’ve done a iFixit battery swap recently and reinstalled the iOS multiple times. This appears to be a hardware issue.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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It’s hard to say as there are a lot of things that are involved in the audio circuit. This could be modular related (speaker, flexes etc.), software/iOS related or logic board related. You will need to rule things out one by one.

Start with the simplest and do a hard reset (Home and Power buttons for 10 secs) to see if that helps. If you want to continue to explore software solutions, you could try to backup and restore your device.

Then you move on to modular repairs. You could try swapping out the Loudspeaker or Lightning flex as those are intertwined in producing audio. You could also remove/replace the Taptic engine to see if that solves but that’s a part that rarely fails.

Once you’ve eliminated all of those possibilities, then you are left with the logic board. The fact that you replaced the battery may have something to do with it. Do a good visual inspection of the area surrounding the battery & Lightning connector to see if there is any damage to the connectors or to the surrounding components. Beyond, that, you’ll probably need to get it to a shop that does micro-soldering repairs to check it out fully.

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Have you personally ever encountered these types of issues before? I really hope the problem lies in some modular component that can be easily replaced.


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