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Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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Xbox one won't Turn on

Hi there!

So my Xbox one is doing some wired stuff. When I plug it in it does this.

The doggo is not touching anything she just wants to be a part of everything.

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I think you may need a new power supply but before you order one:

1. Try a different outlet, but don’t use a power strip or surge protector

2. If step 1 does not work, let it cool down for 30 minutes, then try and plug it back in and power it up.

If those steps do not work for you, then you are probably due for a new power supply.

New power supply from Amazon linked here

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I tried both of those, nothing helps! SO I have to get a psu?


@robsferic Unfortunately, I think that is what you need to get in order for your Xbox to work again. I provided a link in my answer for it.


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