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The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 S-Pen model: SM-P580 (WiFi), SM-P585 (3G,4G/LTE and WiFi) released in September 2016. It is a 10.1- inch tablet manufactured by Samsung Electronics and their new “A” series.

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I've got a doozie for you guys.. Never experienced anything like this.

I’ll be as quick and thorough as possible..

I recently purchased a samsung galaxy tab a 10.1 sm-p580 (s-pen) and I got it from a friends mom who claims she was simply using it one night and she set the tablet on her nightstand, when she woke up she went about her day and didn’t touch the tablet for about a week. when she went to use the tablet for the first time after the small period of time going without use she said the tablet wouldnt turn on and she finally said she gave up and said I could buy it for $100.. which I thought wouldn’t be too bad of a deal as I have experience working on tablets (replacing the screen on multiple galaxy devices, I have been a computer technician for 9+ years.. etc) anyways there is the back story, lets begin.

The tablet is in almost perfect condition. no dings, dents and not a single scratch.. its like brand new.. However it is completely unresponsive.. Once you plug the charger into the tablet, the battery icon comes up and it appears as if its charging. when I first received it the tablet said it had 82% charge.. With the charger plugged in, the device will still not power on and when you press the power button nothing happens at all.. I have tried holding down the volume up + power button tactic a dozen times.. I tried every combination in different intervals with no luck..

now let me repeat that again, the power button has no effect on the tablet whether it is plugged in or not.. the screen doesnt light up, dim, turn off.. nothing. the power button does nothing.. however, ONLY when the device is plugged in, if you press the home button on the front face of the tablet, the screen will illuminate and turn on and show the device is charging (at this point the device has a 100% charge, or so it claims..) and once you press the home button, with the device screen illuminated, once the screen dims partially, I noticed that pressing the volume buttons DOES have an effect on the device, as whenever the screen begins to dim, the volume buttons will trigger the screen to illuminate fully again, and once the screen dims again the volume buttons or the home button will bring the screen back to full illumination.. and it will continue to say that its charging (or at this time, it claims the device is fully charged..). However sadly, as I’ve mentioned, the power button continues to never has any effect on the device whatsoever..

Now we get a bit more technical..

I have hooked the tablet up to multiple systems, going back and forth between my desktop and my laptop and each system has samsung kies with all the necessary drivers and each system also had samsungs ODIN program.. Samsung kies detects the tablet is connected however it cant actually establish a connection with the device.. it just endlessly says “connecting…….” with a little rotating icon.. the program never freezes or says “not responding”… Also, when I open samsung ODIN, ODIN detects that there is indeed a device connected to COM:0004 or sometimes COM:0003 but ODIN cant conenct either.. I have downloaded the OEM firmware for the device (all 4 files: AP, BL, CP, CSC) and ODIN begins to do its thing then says “setup connection” or whatever it says.. then it stays there for like 2 minutes til it finally says “failed to open com port” and a big red FAIL at the top of the screen.. (although I believe the ODIN issue is because ODIN cant do anything if the device isn’t in boot-mode or whatever (or device debugging mode i cant remember..) but this isn’t possible because I cant get the device to allow me to press the volume button and the power button to get me to the boot screen..

Does anyone have any idea whats going on? I opened the device last night and cant find anything odd about the motherboard and all the ribbon cables are fully connected.. I even disconnected the battery ribbon cable completely and left it alone for 5 minutes and it did nothing..

Any help would be appreciated.. Also, I cant imagine the power button being broken, even though I want to say that has to be the issue, that doesn’t make sense why samsung kies couldnt connect to the device.. iirc a samsung device doesn’t have to be powered on for kies to connect to it.. it should be able to connect on or off.. Idk..

Please guide me in the right direction, or provide me with some sort of new trick to try.. I’ll throw you a few bucks in cryptocurrency if anyone can help me get this thing working!

Update (09/14/2018)

Alright, I rreceived a new battery today, I installed it and still having the same result.. The battery is now fully charged. It was 56% when I installed it.. So it's fully charged now but still device won't tturn on. Power button has no effect with the charger plugged in OR unplugged. The tablet does absolutely nothing with the charger unplugged. No matter what combination of buttons I press or how long I press them.. However with the charger connected the display illuminates and indicated it's charging. Once the display dims I can press the volume button or the home button and the screen will light up again indicating it's charging or fully charged with a charge battery icon on the screen.. However as I ssaid before, the power button doesn't do a darn thing. Doesn't even get the screen to illuminate.. So now where do we go?

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Anybody? Wondering if I sshould just sell as is on eBay before I'm in too deep on this thing? Idk..


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Royce Runyon  “the power button does nothing.. however, ONLY when the device is plugged in”, before anything else I’d start with a new battery. That way you have a known-well starting point. Right now it appears as if things are just all over the place.

Of course, you do want to try the troubleshooting for your model as well

Block Image

for the layout use this document

SM-P580 No Power

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@oldturkey03 I agree. A battery replacement is a good starting place.

Rouce Runyon- Let's start from square one and try a new battery.


I meant to say the power button does nothing at all.. Not plugged in or unplugged. The power button has no effect on the device whatsoever.. However the volume buttons and home buttons will make the screen illuminate BUT that's only when the device Is plugged in..

I'll order a new battery.

Will report back.


I apologize if I was confusing.. This is what I meant.

the power button does nothing.. Absolutely nothing.. But when the device is plugged in if you press the home button on the front face of the tablet, the screen will illuminate and turn on and show the device is fully charged.


try a new power button flex and see if that fixes it.


Alright, I don't know what that is but I'll look it up and see if I can figure it out.. Hey, when you open the tablet, there are 2 ribbon cables that cross over the battery. One of them is labeled MAIN LCD, the part of the motherboard where that cable connects to has a tiny piece broken off of the bit that flips up and down in order to release or lock the ribbon cable in place. Although I would assume that isn't a big deal because the LCD is obviously working... just figured I'd include that because that's the absolute only single thing that appears physically wrong with the device..

But one more question..


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I would have thought the battery was faulty. Tablets usually can’t run without a working battery even when plugged in. If you don’t want to spend money on a new battery to test that idea out, you might be able to connect the proper voltage from a DC bench power supply to the B+ and B- solder pins to see if that works.

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I bought a new battery but it didn't resolve the issue, oldturkey recommended I try a power flex, do you have any recommendations?


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