Introduced in March 2009, The Mac Pro (Early 2009) introduced Intel's Nehalem architecture to Apple's professional desktop line and introduced a subtle redesigned interior that remained through the 2010 and 2012 CPU updates.

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Is this Mac Pro still usable in 2018 and can it be easily upgraded?

I am looking in to buying a Mac Pro 5,1 but i’m not sure if it is upgradeable as well as is it still supported also what is METAL thanks in advance

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Well, its a fantastic machine! Highly upgradable. My favorite Mac of all time with the exception of the clone UMAX 900.

Do you want a formula 1n race car? Drop in a 12-Core 3.46GHz Xeon and 128GB RAM

Put in an big SSD drive for a boot drive. A PCI USB 3 card and you can run with any of the newer machines.

3.46GHz 12 Core Mac Pro CPU Upgrade Benchmarked

Many videos available on upgrading this machine:

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@mayer Probably the most upgradable machine Apple has ever made, right?


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I have a Mac Pro from 2011 that works great when fine tuned. You have to be a geek like me in order to have it run acceptable in today’s terms, lol! If you can fine tune it it’s a great machine and worth the money.

METAL is a graphics design software from Apple.

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Be careful here! Mojave requires a newer GPU board that supports Metal. If you installed High Sierra go into the About This Mac > System Report under Graphics/Displays you must see Metal: Supported, feature set macOS GPUFamily1 v3 If not you'll need a newer GPU card


@danj Exactly why I said you need to fine tune it


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