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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy tablet with a 7-in. screen announced on June 24, 2013. Repair of this device requires screwdrivers and prying tools. The device is available in white or gold brown with 8, 16, or 32 GB of storage, and includes a microSD slot that can hold up to an additional 64 GB of memory.

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What happens if I replace the motherboard?

My sister’s tablet has bad charging port so it can’t charge or turn on. I’d like to replace it but, it’s connected to the motherboard. I don’t know if she’ll lose her apps or pictures.

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After digging around some more I came to the conclusion that if you replace the motherboard the storage is attached to it so you will not be able to keep your files. Unfortunately your sister will lose her pictures and apps if you replace it. Sorry to be the messenger of bad news.

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Actually, if you have the micro SD card system, you could simply transfer or copy your files and most app data(or probably all of it, but I’m not sure about photos ,you could probably use google photos for that) into it and simply remove the card and just re-install it after replacing the motherboard(after making sure its compatible with your tablet after replacing it’s motherboard)

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And then you just need to copy all the data back onto your device storage, I hope this helps other users of different devices too :)


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