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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Can any slot-load, small form factor, internal SATA DVD-RW be used?

I am more used to PC repairs, where I usually get to choose the best possible part out of several contenders.

I am always fearful of Apples, not just because of their poor design and parts choices, but because of their pension for senselessly rendering peripherals incompatible (remember the notched USB connector and ADC (Apple Display Connector)?).

Can I purchase a new optical drive of my choice and expect it to work in my friends A1278 MacBook, or will we be spending time in RMA ^#!&? In general are the lateish OS Mac builds amicable to generic SATA drives?

Because of a rapid release schedule and indifference to the user base, I must define lateish in accordance with the OSes I see in real use, that is 10.4-7. I realize that there may be different answers for the different OS builds, since they do vary rather radically (and without warning) in some instances.


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If you don't like Macs, don't work on them. Ford doesn't make pistons to work in Chevys. Here's a drive that will work: Unibody 8x SATA SuperDrive (Pre-Mid 2009)

And yes rab, I have an attitude. I don't like someone walking into a room and stating what a dog my woman, that I've been in love with for thirty years, is. It's just not polite.

Immagine Unibody 8x SATA SuperDrive (Pre-Mid 2009)


Unibody 8x SATA SuperDrive (Pre-Mid 2009)


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Thank you for your prompt reply. Based on favorable experiences and price I like Lite-On. If I were working on a (usually Intel-based) server or laptop running any flavor of Linux of Windows, I would choose this drive:

Is there any difference between this "generic" SATA DVD drive and pricer ones blessed as MacBook compatible?

Like the unleaded gasoline that fuels Hondas, Chevys and Fords, DVD media and drives conform to international standards. This drive should work with a regular Intel mobo and chip. The only exception would be if intentional effort was exerted to make that not the case...

I wish I could avoid dealing w/ Apple, but like a small mechanic I'm forced to take the work I get. To go totally non-Apple would mean turning down Windows and Linux work as well, sadly.

As the years have gone by Apple has opened up to more and more to industry standards. Hopefully the future will see the continuance of those trends...


To avoid any RMAs, I would ask the seller.


The best manufacturer in the field refuses to certify Apple compatibility. It is a wise move for any parts manufacturer or service provider concerned about their reputation to distance themselves from Apple. I must provide a disclaimer to my friend that he will have to settle for a less-than-ideal drive that I cannot endorse, at a price that is double what is reasonable.

Note to world: your shiny Mac didn't just cost you more when you bought it - it will cost you more until you are rid of it. Please don't be angry with your IT guy that the new optical drive is broken already - he had been left no choice because of your choice :(.


That's the best manufacturer, in your opinion, of PC products, won't certify Apple compatibility. If you want Apple compatibility go to a supplier that sells Apple products such as OWC, they will certify compatibility. If you insist on putting Ford parts in a Mercedes, don't be surprised if they don't work.


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Rex, we call this SPAM. It's fine to put your contact information on your profile. People can look at it after you've given an answer to a question to see if they would like to do business with you. You wouldn't want me placing advertising for Mac Repair on your web site. Please give a link to your site on your profile page as I am always looking for sources, just don't do it here ;-) Thanks


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