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Water damaged iPhone 6s plus from jetskii.

I was renting a jetskii with my buddies and I put my phone in a plastic bag inside of the supposedly water-tight compartment of the jetskii. At one point I hit a large wave and the water gushed over the jetskii so I opened the compartment immediately and saw that there was water inside so I drove back instantly. I took off my case and went home and opened up my phone and began drying the damp insides with a cloth. After drying the visible water I scraped off the corrosive material already forming in my phone.(Drying the water in my phone left minerals and corrosive material behind) Then I began drying it with cold air for about 15 minutes. Then, I put it in rice for over a week and it still doesn’t work. Help :/

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Hey look at you! This is the first reasonable DIY water damage post that I’ve seen in a long time—opening it up and drying it out with a cloth, well done! Hopefully you disconnected the battery while it was drying, but still—-nice work. The rice thing, eh, let’s just pretend that never happened. Rice does nothing for phones—that whole thing is an old wive’s tale perpetuated by folks with wet phones where water never hit the logic board that are magically “saved” by rice.

So what to do now?

If you really did get the phone opened up fairly quickly and the battery disconnected AND you resisted the temptation to let a wet phone sit on a charger, then you have a reasonable chance that this phone just has focal damage.

Step one is to clean off any visible corrosion with toothbrush and alcohol. If you know a microsolderer, desolder the shields and give it an ultrasonic cleaning, if not—-carry on.

Next—you’ll need a known good housing—-another phone. Take out your logic board following an iFixit guide and install it into the known good housing—-if the phone boots, troubleshoot parts to figure out what you need to replace on your phone. If not—-then time to really make friends with your local microsolderer.

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I see this a lot. Just because there is no visible water lest in the device doesn’t mean there isn’t a puddle under a shield. Water damage is a extremely time sensitive repair and you did the right thing by acting fast. Unfortunately the device needed a ultrasonic wash in isopropyl or acetone. Nail polish remover might have been a good option at the time.

If the device has been sitting for a week with even a small amount of salt water id say she’s done.

As a last ditch effort i would do an ultrasonic wash anyway. Replace the screen and battery and see if you have any life. Id also try a new charge port and if you have a current meter, test to see what the device is drawing from the wall.

Hope this helps.

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