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The Kenmore 110 Series is an easy to use home Washing machine created by Kenmore.

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flood of water from bottom of machine

what would cause water to flood out of bottom of my machine

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My washer is model 110.44422610

And I'm having the same problem.


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Hi @bear10 ,

Have you checked under the machine to see where the water is coming from?

It may be a cracked hose from the the water drain pump for example.

What is the full model number of the washer?

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I have a Kenmore 600 series top loader. We had a problem with rodents in the house and they started to chew the drain hoses which caused the same problem. There are two hoses - one short one that goes from the bottom of the fill basin to the pump and the other goes from the pump to wherever your laundry water empties.

These hoses should always have a little water in them since they'll never fully drain.

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