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HTC Desire 620 Android smartphone. Announced 2014, December. Features 3G, 5.0″ Super LCD capacitive touchscreen, 8 MP camera

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Why phone is not charging from charger?

Hello all,

I have problem with HTC Desire 620g. This morning i tried to charge phone from charger adapter, and it`s not working. I tried with other adapters to also not working… When i tried only with USB-Cable attached on my laptop phone is charging. So the problem is, phone can`t be charged by charger only from cable attached to PC-or Laptop.

Thanks in advance,



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@gorangiroud "phone can`t be charged by charger only from cable attached to PC-or Laptop." most certainly a bad USB charging port. Follow the advice given by the two answers.


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Hi @gorangiroud ,

Did you use the same cable with the other adapters or did they have their own cable?

Presumably, you also tried connecting the adapters to a different power outlet? ;-)

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to check the USB port on the phone, just in case it has lint trapped in the enclosure preventing a good connection. Also check that all the pins are there and that they are straight and parallel with each other.

If there is anything in there, DO NOT use a metal pin to try and remove it, use a vacuum cleaner instead to try and get it out or if necessary a wooden toothpick to gently pry it out.

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No this is not the problem, i tried with same usb cable. Attached on charger it`s not working, attached on my laptop it`s working and it`s charging... Charger it`s okey i tried with my other phone it`s charging. Problem it`s probably from the phone. USB port from phone is working, it`s charging now but attached in laptop port.


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Probably a bad charging port, you might need to take it in for repairs if you have tried absolutely everything.

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