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Modello metà 2010, A1278 / processore Core Duo 2,4 o 2,66 GHz

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White screen of death

My macbook pro just won’t show anything except whitescreen, with no apple logo whatsoever upon booting up. I tried holding down option key, command + control + P + R, none of them work. For more details, my HDD is entirely new with no macOS installed, has no battery and trackpad. I can’t install macOS like this, please help

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Really, “White screen of death”,? All this means is that you don’t have a valid operating system.

Your drive has to be formatted before you can install a system on it.

You don’t need the trackpad if you have a USB mouse.

Do not install High Sierra, go with Sierra and tell us the make and model number of the new drive and why you are replacing it, does the old drive still function?

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I formatted the new drive to exFAT already, also the old drive is the same, nothing happened pressing option key during boot.


exFAT is a Windows format and while it will work externally as a boot drive, it will not work internally in a Mac. Format it it GUID, MacOSX journaled


i tried formatting my hdd to HFS+ using Paragon NTFS to HFS+ on windows, doesn't seem to be working.


does the old drive still function?


can't say for sure, the old drive is usable on windows as NTFS, there's no way for me to check if it works in HFS+


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Format the Hard Drive / SSD correctly, then try and install macOS Sierra on it, don’t do Mojave or High Sierra unless you are a brave soul and have nothing to lose! If you have a USB mouse the trackpad is not necescery.

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