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Il telefono allora al top della gamma Samsung, il Galaxy S8, è stato lanciato nell'aprile 2017.

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Moisture in charge port - Software issue?

I have installed 2 new charge ports in an s8 and both are giving me a moisture in chargeport error. I even ultasoniced one and its still doing it.

I have tried clearing the USBsettings cache and data but nothing. Anyone got any ideas?

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We replaced the whole frame and front LCD Assembly (one piece) and it started working. If you know why that helped please let me know

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Check the logic board connects, components and under the removable shields liquid damage corrosion could be on there.

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I've just put the board and 2 charge ports in an ultrasonic. If this doesn't work I'm not sure what else i can do


Yeah same here, the phone is detecting a short circuit but hard to find out where it's coming from hardware wise.


ultrasonic didn't help. So strange.


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