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Repair information and support for speakers designed to be used with a personal computer.

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One of my speakers is not working

I have two speakers and a whoofer. But one of my speaker is not working. The sound is not coming from one of the speakers

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Have you proved that the audio is OK coming from the source?

Can you swap the speakers to prove whether it is a speaker problem or perhaps a problem in the woofer (assuming that the source is connected to a powered woofer which then connects to the speakers)

What is the make and model number of your speaker system?


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Since you don’t provide a make and model, what follows is pure speculation:

Many speakers have a master/slave set up. That means that one speaker contains the amplifier and the other is just a speaker. In your case, can you determine which one has failed? The one with the amp usually has the connector to the computer and a cable to connect to the other speaker. I would suspect either an actual speaker failure or a bad cable as the first thing to check. It is possible that the amp has failed for one channel as well, but this is rare. Theamp in these is a single IC for both channels.

Update this with the make and model so we can provide additional details or suggestions.


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