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Bottom part of screen doesnt work correctly

Hello, 4 months ago I broke my screen a tiny break that looks like a scratch. Yesterday thugh the left bottom of my screen needs a hard push to work any fix for that?

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Unfortunately not the LCD digitizer panel has been damaged, you will need to replace the LCD panel to resolve the issue. Many suppliers out there with these at a reasonable cost though and should not take longer than 30 minutes to fix. Just ensure you disconnect the battery before attempting repair.

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any crack on the screen ?

is there a little gap where the screen rest to the entire device ?


you can try getting those 360 case for your device try getting g a tighter one which will hold down the screen instead of using rubber band which is a cheap and easier way


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There is a small crack but on the top of the screen not on the bottom


If the crack stretch outside the display to the top or bottom bezzle of the device it does sometimes cause non responsive touch

Try the rubber band DIY first , if that helps get a 360 case



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