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1.6 or 1.8 GHz dual-core processor, 2 GB or 4 GB of SDRAM, 64 GB or 128 GB SSD

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MBA Won't turn on. Completely dead. See a resistor missing inside.


Friend was about to toss a 2011 11” MBA because it was dead and they thought not worth repairing (won’t turn on and charger light also off when connected) . I opened it up and noticed there was residue on the logic board (see red square) and that this round item, which I’m guessing is a resistor, is missing (see red circle - 330). Comparing it to my MBA, which is nearly identical, I see no other missing pieces/differences.

Might anyone know what this part is/does and if replaced, could this potentially be the solution? Also, would replacing the logic board possibly get the laptop back up and running? Asking this second question because I’m wondering if I remove my logic board to test, would this be safe, or might I be risking my own as well (would only swap out to test this missing piece out).



Block Image

Block Image

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that is reference designator L6995 which is indeed a 33UH 20% 0.39A 0.43 Ohm fixed inductor (coil) Apple uses a Toko DP418C coil It is part of your 3.425V "G3Hot" Supply circuitry and as such a vital part for your MBA to start up. Yes, you can try your board but not sure what that is going to prove. You know your board is good. Replace the missing coil then re-evaluate the broken board.

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The round part is an SMD choke coil inductance 330µH. If this is in the power path, without it, the path is interrupted and won’t work at all. Why this is missing is a mystery. Try replacing the part and testing.

Let us know the results.


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@abrsvc again. The 330 on this inductor means 33µH The 0 (third number)is for how many trailing 0 there would be so a 331 would be 330µH


i thought I fixed that before submittion. Thanks for the catch.


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