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iPhone 8 plus no service(sim card can't read) after water damage

iphone 8 plus no service(sim card can’t read) after water damage

Hello all how are you?

Dropped iphone 8 plus into the water then I cleaned mother board by alcohol

everything works fine except no service network carrier

i think something wrong with cellular antenna

which part i need to replace?

maybe charging port? thanks all

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There are a few antennas being used (mainly the antenna cables near the charging port are used for cellular 3g/4g) and a few things you should check is if imei is displayed when dialing *#06#, also modem firmware and imei displayed in settings > general > about phone.

I would expect some board-level repairs needing to be done after liquid damage.

I recommend taking the phone to a reputable repair shop that does board-level / liquid damage repairs for liquid damage evaluation.

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My phone does the same thing but not water damage. It connects to wifi but that's all it says no service


I have a few of these as well, liquid damage that shows no modem firmware after but everything else works.


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