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iPhone con schermo da 4" introdotto nel marzo 2016 con specifiche hardware simili a quelle dell'6s. Disponibile in Argento, Oro, Grigio siderale, Oro rosa con 16 o 64 GB. Modelli A1662 e A1723.

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White vertical lines screen partially unresponsive

The iPhone was dropped and now there are 5 vertical white lines on the right side of the screen. Where the white lines are the screen is unresponsive. However, when I diconnect and reconnect the screen I can sometimes manage to get the lines to switch to the left side and then that side becomes unresponsive.

Any ideas other than replacing the screen and digitizer?

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This is a connection issue. Often when connecters are not seated properly (especially on the 5 series and SE) the screen displays bars.

Id suggest removing the display, checking the connectors arnt damaged, clean the connectors with isopropyl and see how it goes from there. Also, make sure the cables are not getting twisted or stretched when laying the screen back down.

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Sounds like the screen needs to be replaced either way if it happens after a drop.


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