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numerous keys stopped working

My Macbook keyboard has suddenly started having problems. the “enter” key, the ‘p’, and the numbers don’t respond at all. the ‘=’ key works but also adjusts the keyboard backlight for some reason. mouse keys are not enabled. any ideas of what could cause this short of replacing keyboard. i had been in a humid area for several days and it worked fine there but wasn’t working when i got home

Update (08/11/2018)

there are possibly other keys i haven't realized yet are not functioning or functioning improperly but those are what i've noticed

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First run a “Paid For” anti-virus like Symantec Endpoint protection.

This failing you will need to replace the keyboard or the uppercase:

Sostituzione case superiore MacBook Pro 13" Unibody metà 2012

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Kindly go through the following knowledge base article:

macOS Sierra: If keys on your keyboard don’t work

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went through no luck. tried livecd of linux and keys still not working so i'm guessing i'll need to replace the keyboard. is there anything else i should consider first


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