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Spacebar's front is popping out after cleaning? MSI GL62M 7REX

Yeah I’m having quite the day, so here’s a bit of backstory:

My laptop’s spacebar started feeling real weird, hard to press, turns out there was something stuck under it, so I removed the spacebar and removed the junk, then re-assembled it, but now I have quite the problem, this is how my spacebar looks like:

Basically, the front of it is popping out, the spacebar is working fine but it looks and feels very weird, I think I might’ve done something wrong here

(When I open it up)

Block Image

Edit: another picture, front bar disconnected so i can take the photo

Block Image

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Check this video it will help you to fix problem facing with keyboard

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I watched a few of those and follow the instructions, most of the key layouts in other videos aren't the same, I found a similar one and follow the instructions but I ended up with the same thing


One of the metal strip is connected as shown in your picture but the other one is not try to connect the other one to the bottom of space bar if it is not a damage one you can find it really helpful


The metal bars and those mini white things aren't broken and work fine


Also I disconnected one metal bar for the picture otherwise, well, you can't lift it up


provide the picture of the bottom of spacebar


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