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Mixer won't turn on

Accidentally caught rubber spatula in mixer blades while making a batter, a spark burst from the seam where I assume the motor is on the top of the machine, and now it won’t turn on. It’s a Sunbeam Electronic Mixmaster, Model No. 01401, Service No. 1-40CD, Listed 423A. Pretty sure I killed the motor, but can it be fixed?

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Sadly and unfortunately there’s not many parts, what I seen on EBay etc, are the motor base for 50$. :/ which is the Mixer without the Accessories, bowls, blades etc.


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When an electric motor gets locked, it gets hot really fast. I’d guess if this goes on for more than about 5 seconds some electrical part will burn, melt, break. It probably can be fixed, but somebody has to open it up and figure out what got damaged. Replacement parts are usually available on line.

I looked up your Sunbeam model number on line and there are all sorts of sites who will sell you parts or talk you through a diagnosis. Try this yourself.

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The brushes of the motor are probably dead, or the copper coil wraps.

@cgulyash can you link those sites for the Author?


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