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A mid-range smartphone from HTC, released November 2014.

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My phone is turning off by itself, randomly

Hey guys i got htc desire 830(not 820, 830!) and its really hard to find answers about my phone, like its a fake version but its not, btw, after 1 year of using, its turning off by itself, all same applications as before, also tried some methods like disabling all 3rd party applications, and i did hard reset, still happens, i think its something about hardware, battery or cpu, if anybody can help me, pls do it ;D im raging when my phone turns off in the middle of youtube video… thank you for reading

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Start off with getting the battery replaced, any more than that it’s probably not worth fixing on this model IMO.

Battery is $12 from eBay via a China eBay seller if you need to source one.

Here is a video of it being disassembled if you need it if you decide to DIY replace the battery:

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I also have this problem with that htc desire 830.

If you solved that problem then please replay me

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