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Question about testing for bad battery connector

my laptop wont power on. i shut it down a few weeks ago and nobody has touched it. power wire lights up but when i push power button nothing happens. battery is pretty new and full charge according to multimeter. i have replaced the pram battery as well. still wont boot or make a sound when power button is pressed. I checked for continuity on the exposed battery connector pins and checked for voltage from the battery. it seems like the far left pin is not connected somehow and has no continuity. after testing the corresponding slot on the battery it seems to me like the far left pin should have continuity for the machine to power on. am i correct about this? I dont want to dismantle the logic board to replace the battery connecter if its not likely the problem. i saw there is a repair guide for this part. is there a way to test to be sure that is indeed the bad part before tearing into things?

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Thats correct the contact is the sensor line.


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You likely have a dead logic board. This system GPU chip often fails. Apple has a repair program but its long over now.

Also capacitors tend to wear out over time. I think its time to give this baby a good funeral and look at getting a newer system (used or new)

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