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Car has very rough idle & burnt smell

The car was purchased in May with check engine light on. Codes read EVAP system and camshaft position sensor. The car would stop accelerating randomly on the highway. The car shop's mechanic said the EVAP system code wasnt there but they would fix the camshaft sensor. After 3x of not fixing the issue, they said it was a coil. Long story short, the mechanic took out the lightbulb to the "service engine soon" so I would think the coil was fixed. About a week later the car started shaking pretty bad (a/c made it worse). Got the codes checked & we had p0014, C0237 & p0420. We replaced the sensor once again, changed the camshaft VVT & all spark plugs. Now the car is shaking worse but now with a bad burnt smell. Like plastic or rubber but I dont see smoke so far. Also, now when I try to check the codes it says connection error. So I cant even find out whats going on.

Btw, sorry if I'm not explaining correctly. I'm a lady & just going off of experience & what I've been told.

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Its impossible to give you a good guess without any knowledge about your:

-car make/model/year

-engine installed

-which hardware you've used to read your codes (my guess, that was a dashboard diagnostic mode)

By the way, a faulty VVT can cause it to run badly at some rpm range, but not at low / mid / rev limiter atonce.

EVAP errors could be a sign of an intake manifold crack or intake manifold gasket issue or just a broken pipe to EVAP valve.

If I would stuck somewhere where noone can help me I would start with a proper diagnostics.

- Buy a cheap OBD II scanner (hope your vehicle is not too old and OBD II compatible) - ELM 327 or its clone or whatever but I would like to have atleast P-codes and live data from sensors.

- Check coolant temperature, air flow, ignition timing live data reported by ECU. Also just in case, O2 sensor voltages (should be less critical)

- Measure the compression ratio in every cylinder

- Measure the fuel pressure with a gauge, not programmatically

Afterwards, we could conclude something but these are primary checks required.

You're brave lady if you commited to deal with this. Tons respect.

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To start, I have a 2002 Chevy trailblazer. Everything else.....well that will take some time lol thanks so much


it's OBD2 compatible. Buy a scanner if you have none yet. You'll need it later anyway to save some coins on diagnostics. bluetooth ones from China are starting at less then $5 on ebay (hope you have an android smartphone / tablet by hand since those are not working with apple devices).


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