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Why does it jump to the top when I scroll down with iPhone 8 Plus?

Just changed the screen on iPhone 8 Plus and when I scroll down, it jumps back to the top. No other touch issues so far.

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What are you typically doing when this abnormal behavior occurs?


It happens during anything that scrolls.


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Check to make sure that the LCD panels cables are securly connected to the Logic Board of the iPhone. If they are verify that the cables for the LCD are not compressed or torn, they should gently fit between the frame and under part of the LCD display.

If the problem is still happening your digitizer is most likely the problem. Make sure this cable is secured to, sometimes especially on bigger devices such as the iPhone 8 Plus, the replacement digitizers glitch on outer edge movements. A great example unfortunately is the scrolling aspect.

Please type back with what you find good luck!

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Ok thank you Stephen!


No problem Erika


I don’t follow you, Stephen. Must I take the phone apart? What are LCD panels cables and what is the Logic Board?



you will have to open the phone to access the cables that are underneath the LCD. On iPhone 8 models they are located on the lower right and upper right. you will need to remove two face plates that protect the ports.


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