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The Kenmore Direct Drive is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Why is my washer taking more than 2 hours to cycle

My Kenmore top load washer seems to do all the cycle steps, but takes more than 2 hours to do so. I had a technician come. No fault on the diagnostic test. He ran the automatic mode and that went fine. Then he did the calibration and found nothing wrong with the machine. But still no change after his visit.

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I’d clean the filters. Then watch to see if it is running to long on a particular cycle. Make sure the water flow is strong when starting up (if not, it may be have a clogged screen in the water inlets.

It could also be a failing timer.

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Thanks sir for your response. Could you help me locate these filters? And if it is a timer problem, where can I locate it as well.


not without the exact model number.


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