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How do I fix an uneven format in my rtf?

I found a very rare .rtf document, in which the text looks pretty decent. Fortunately, there are no photos in the document, but there is text that needs to be pulled out. Some fragments of the document look unrecognizable. Because of this, I thought that it would be nice to convert rtf, at least into text or another text format. I tried to use for this Word, but different versions of Word generate different kinds of rtf. When bold text begins, the text is replaced with strange characters. If I open the file and save it again, it will become even more unrecognizable.

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Have you tried cutting and pasting the document to Word or Word Pad? There should be an option to paste as clear text.


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You should always do "save as" rather than "save" in these cases, because you don't want to overwrite a better one with a worse one.

Try saving as type .TXT (plain text). That strips out all formatting and leaves only the text.

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There are some ways of repair rtf, as only my opinion and some other familiar MS Specialists. It is the guide in the following or resources that suggest Microsoft Company

You could try Open Office Writer program. In the wiki it said that it's recovered corrupted Word documents that MS Word couldn't recover. It's a long shot, and I doubt it'll work, but it's free to try.

Try inserting the .RTF into a new Word document. To do this open Word and click INSERT -->FILE and point to the RTF file. Also try opening in Notepad by right clicking the file and selecting "Open With" and select Notepad from the list of programs.

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